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  •  Our Company is based in Aix in Provence and was created by ALAIN TOURNIER Engineer Horticole (ENSH Versailles)


It is a Company of installations of green areas which also since years

devoted itself to the study of the capacities of the known plant Zoysia tenuifolia for its resistance to the dryness and its saving in water,

 invested itself in research,

 and only a INNOVATING process of culture developed in plates and rollers of this plant which does not reproduce by seeds.


  •   Zoysia Tenuifolia, grass in plates and rollers

 is currently a patented innovation PCT deposited by the Company Cézanne Horticulture Installations always directed by Alain TOURNIER.    

 The Company Monaco Euroméditérrannée holds  patents.

 It is also producer and distributor of his grass.

The cultures are developed in Portugal in the Province of Alentejo. 


  •  Why to have developed ZOYSIA TENUIFOLIA?

 Extract of text of a conference presented by Alain TOURNIER :


Alain TOURNIER - horticultural Engineer - CEZANNE HORTICULTURE AIX INSTALLATIONS in Provence

 I will speak to you about a grass developped at the point for his resistance to the dryness.

It is about the PROCESS OF CULTURE IN PLATES of innovating ZOYSIA TENUIFOLIA produced and exception:


When I discovered ZOYSIA TENUIFOLIA I immediately thought that it was a fabulous plant.

I immediately understood that it offered many resources. This Plant is so particular and so interesting that it leaves the ordinary one.

After many research, investigations and much of money invested during years, I developed this grass in plates which makes it possible to save water and maintenance and which can thus replace the grass traditional especially in the dry zones but as well sure in the moderate zones.

 Zoysia Tenuifolia represents at one time when water becomes and will become the XXI century old gold an considerable advance in the capacity of development of the green areas.

 This new type of grass will make it possible to solve problems of installation and management.

 I deposited a patent on the process of cultures and the methodology of obtaining this grass in plates.

 The sale of licences under patents will allow the development of this technology.

Many countries will be able to thus use this grass of exception for the creation of lawns, stages, golfs, hippodromes, etc…


The current development it is the generalization of this beautiful grass for the Mediterranean zones and the hot zones taking into account the research solution durable with the water deficits.

 We must make known this grass so that it can develop with its right value.

 This grass is indeed currently best market for its resistance to the dryness, its smoothness and its resistance to trampling and it can be used with multiple uses: sportsman, garden or decoration.

 It does not have an equivalent.

  Comparisons were already made many times with the other grasses. It is ZOYSIA TENUIFOLIA which adapts best to the dryness, which has an incredible robustness and which is most beautiful.


Indeed, a lawn in Zoysia tenuifolia, it is a saving in water from at least 50%, and this water can even be salted. In period of strong heat, two monthly water saturations are enough to preserve at the plant its normal green aspect. Shearings are also decreased: 2 to 3 per annum of green areas use, reduce by half of sporting use.

 From where a total reduction in the annual costs of maintenance grace also to a reduction of the labour.

Zoysia tenuifolia they is also less nitrate fertilizers (the quantity used is divided at least by 2 or 3, therefore less pollution of the ground water. It also contributes to the safeguard of the environment by authorizing a becoming green of the difficult zones as well as an installation of the arid regions.

 Zoysia tenuifolia is a plant which develops in climates oceanic, Mediterranean, semi-arid and desert.


This graminaceous has a very soft foliage, and very end. This graminaceous turfing strongly will compete with and replace all the traditional grasses and will allow finally the establishment of grass in very dry zones estival strong heat where the traditional grasses cannot settle or when one cannot any more maintain them in the event of too high heat or by insufficiency in the availabilities out of water.


 Our documentation on Zoysia    



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