How to maintain Zoysia Ténuifolia?

To give to this fabulous grass its more beautiful aspect and to answer perfectly the use for which it is intended some rules are to be respected.

Zoysia sportsman : grass for stages of football or golf courses

This very beautiful grass is very dense but too very fine , thus:

  •  for shearing : An helicoidally mower is necessary. The grass will be mowed once per week to keep its desired height of 1 to him cm to 2 cm. (A shearing per week they is already 2 times month of shearing that a traditional grass ). For one stage of football or a golf course, one needs 2 shearing  per weeks to keep the good height and regularity.

  •  for watering : one divides by 2 the durations of watering; one divides thus by 2 them quantities of water brought. One will sprinkle the night preferably.

  •  for the fertilization : Zoysia is a not very demanding grass. One will take care however of contributions regular of the fertilizing elements necessary to all the grasses very solicited. In autumn an organic matter contribution and of organic nitrogen is advised.

 Zoysia in parks?

A lawn in Zoysia be sprinkled little.

If you maintain after the installation of your grass of intense waterings you to go to generate one very beautiful growth and to obtain a superb aspect. With thispush excessive that you will want to keep, you will forget to mow. Future shearings will then be made difficult and delicate because your grass will have felted.

It is preferable to mow at the good time.

After installation, by strong heat to sprinkle your Zoysia little, the lawn will remain short and quite green.

(For the councils of very precise maintenance download with format pdf our documentation

" X Commands of Zoysia Ténuifolia 2008 “)    


 Zoysia decoration?

This aspect is obtained by road repair of seedlings or even by one strong growth consecutive with excessive waterings or even by abandonment of recommended minimal shearings.

If this aspect is sought, you will be filled.


If this aspect disturbs you you will be able to return to a short and close-cropped lawn. You will arm yourselves with patience because you will have to mow the totality or almost the totality of the growths; the aspect immediately obtained will be insipid and sad while waiting your grass pushes back it.

Zoysia Ténuifolia also called by the Botanists grass of Mascareignes, is the grass of the Mediterranean zones, the hot zones, the dry zones, the grass which requires little water. It is also the grass which one can sprinkle with slightly salted water and which accepts or which resists the spray best.



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