How to establish Zoysia Ténuifolia?

It do not exist seeds thus not of seeds  

How to create its decoration, how to create its lawn either a stage or even one will terrain golf?

  •   To create a decoration in Zoysia Ténuifolia

Prear road repair of plants out of pots or cups (= plugs)… But you will have to be patient bus Zoysia Ténuifolia pushes very slowly.

It will be also necessary to plant very dense, to weed, and to know to await the total cover of your space.

After a one year minimum of waiting with 35 to 40 cups planted with m2 you will obtain the awaited total cover but corrugated with a strong breaking into white horses, admittedly sympathetic nerve, but not always required.

The aspect of the grass thus obtained for a decoration is not necessarily that which is awaited for a lawn.

  •  To create a lawn, a park or a stage

    Zoysia Ténuifolia is worked out and cultivated in perfectly horizontal and uniform plates by application of a specific process of culture (patented process) or Zoysia is presented with a height varying according to selected uses' of 1 cm at 3 cm.

    The installation of this grass of plating will be carried out very easily on a well prepared ground.


ZoysiaT is conditioned out of pallets of 20 or 30m2;the plates are presented posed flat,

or ZoysiaT is conditioned in large rollers from 7 to 10m2.

The arranged spaces created starting from this process are immediately usable .


  •   To create a Vegetable Wall or a creation artistic

Zoysia Ténuifolia in plates can be used for all kinds of artistic creations (turfing of roofs, of terraces, of staircases, of walls, creations of forms and volumes…)

The intrinsic structure and the behaviour of its grass sods can be useful for vertical, oblique creations as well as volumes in three dimensions.


  •   To create a golf course or all space sporting large-sized

Zoysia Ténuifolia is very resistant and adapts to wonder on sporting spaces.

Establishment of ZoysiaT for great spaces will be carried out by large-sized rollers.



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